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  • Diversified opportunities and practices and modern management policies and in an environment surrounded by engaged people. That is how Schulz works: aiming at the constant development of more than 2,750 employees, so that the results confirm the excellence of the company.

    Check out the following differentials of Schulz and see why it is one of the largest companies in the world in its segment.

    Carreira de sucesso

    Remuneration and career

    To maintain and develop our talents, Schulz adopts the system of Career and Opportunities Management, with a competitive and updated salary structure with comparable parameters in the regions of operation.

    In addition to payment, Schultz offers: a) Income Sharing Plan (SCP - Schulz Competitiveness Program) which involves, encourages and engages all employees to achieve the operational budgetary objectives and of economic performance ones, and b) benefits that include : health insurance, low cost dental agreement, grant to medicines, food, transportation, scholarships and languages.

    Already the career plan is tied to performance evaluations, which make clear and transparent organizational and individual goals. In addition, the assessment helps in the development process, encourages commitment to results and provides grants to support the processes of Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Compensation and Promotion and Career and Succession Planning.

  • Opportunities

    To find, develop and retain talents, Schulz performs a variety of recruitment and selection processes, and provides training programs for its professionals.

    Internal and external recruitment: Schulz develops internal selection processes, by means of Procres Program (Growing with Schulz). After six months of work, employees have the opportunity to apply for new positions to grow within the

    company, which keeps the constant stimulus to professional development. External recruitment is done with the availability of jobs in various areas. To have the opportunity to work at Schulz, simply send resume to

    Internship: Schulz maintains partnerships with several educational institutions for selection of students of intermediate level and higher education (university). The goal is to provide opportunities for trainees, encouraging them to be effective in the constant career opportunities.

    Apprentices: Aware of the legal requirement, Schulz contributes to the development of young apprentices for the formation of citizens. The inclusion of learners in the company routine creates opportunities for access to administrative or technical careers. Apprentices are selected through a partnership with Educational Centers.

    People with disabilities: aware of the importance of social inclusion, Schulz search providing opportunities for people with disabilities to integrate several profiles in the context of the company.

  • Education and training

    Aware of the importance that knowledge brings, both for the sustainable growth of the company as for individuals, Schulz devotes special attention to education and training of its employees. A portfolio of programs, such as Integration, IOT (Initial Operational Training) Training School related to Foundry, Machining, Painting and Compressors activities, IDP (Individual Development Program), Program for Leadership Development and Collective Formation Programs in partnership with SESI and SENAI, reflecting the importance attributed by the company in developing their talents.

  • Health and safety

    The operational safety and health of employees are extremely important issues for Schulz. Because of this the employees participating in the CIPA and in the Fire Brigade Group, always have the management full support, promoting action and awareness work and constant training.

  • Ethics

    Ethics has always been present in Schulz corporative environment, creating successful and, therefore, lasting relationships among our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and community. Read Schulz Ethics Code and know our way of being.

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