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Schulz Automotive works with ductile and gray iron casting, with an annual capacity of 92,500 tons. It has induction electric furnaces, whose automatic system ensuring greater precision in the composition of the metallic load, reducing variation in the parts' mechanical properties.

Automated molding lines, in green sand, operating in a horizontal and flexible system, efficiently meeting small, medium and large series demands. Its molding structure is formed by the following lines:

  • 2 HWS (Henrich Wagner Sinto) – 1.200 x 910 X 280/330 e 900 x 760 x 300 mm.
  • 1 Hunter –400 x 500 x 180 mm.
  • 2 BMD (Badische Maschinenfabrik Durlach) –740 x 630 x 230 mm.
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