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Wishing to stand out within its market of operations and to serve its stakeholders, Schulz Automotive has modern CMM 3D measuring equipment; complete chemical laboratories, and the means to conduct mechanical and non-destructive tests.

Its foundation is a culture of total quality, which is widespread throughout all organizational levels. Initiatives such as the Visual Management Program transmit the commitment assumed with the customers and shareholders to the operators, by means of the presentation of indicators and goals, keeping the staffs motivated and competitive. In promoting the Zero-Defect and Zero-Customer-Complaint philosophy, the Quality programs ensure the continual review of production and logistics flow, while the Suggestions Program recognizes the importance of the opinion from all hierarchical levels for the company's global quality. Moreover, Schulz maintains associations with the best raw material, model, tool, device and machine suppliers on the market, with the purpose of extending the strict quality control applied to the company's products and processes to the entire supply chain.

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