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Schulz is a company that is rapidly and constantly evolving, with a trajectory that does not stop; it started as a small foundry in 1963 and became the exponent of the air compressors and automotive components national industry. It is currently present in over 70 countries in all continents.

Headquartered in Joinville, Santa Catarina, Schulz SA consists of two business units: Compressor and Automotive Divisions.

Since 1980 the Automotive Division provides components for the global market of heavy commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and implements and construction equipment. Its product line includes: brackets for suspension and cab, axle housings, transmission and differential, engine covers and brackets, brake components, wheel hubs, brake shoes, plate and pedestals of fifth wheel, among other parts. Seeking to focus on customer satisfaction and achieving results without compromising the sustainability, Schulz Automotive combines the latest technology with a qualified team to support all processes at a high level to adequately meet the demands of select customers in all operating markets.

A Compressor Division started activities in 1972, with the air compressor production. A decade later it won the leadership of the Brazilian and Latin America market.

In order to better support its customers, Schulz has branches in Frankfurt, Germany, and Atlanta, USA, as well as some bonded warehouses in Europe and the United States.

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    A history of success and entrepreneurship that began in June 1963.

    Founded in June 12, 1963, on the street Paraíba, Metallurgical Schulz SA had only 26 employees. It manufactured its own line of products, such as bench vise (walrus) - the first product manufactured and launched in November 1963 - and castings for agricultural line and for companies in the region.

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    One of the great moments in the history of Schulz was in November 1972, when it began the production of compressed air compressors with the air compressors in two models: 1 and 2 HP.

    Some years later, in 1978, the company began the foundry operations in its new unit in the Industrial District of Joinville (SC).

    The big step to modernity in the production of Schulz it was when the foundry started to operate in new and modern facilities, which had electric arc furnace, but then evolved into electric induction melting, while it started the part production for the automotive industry by providing wheel hubs.

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    In the 80's, Schulz won the leadership of the Brazilian market for air compressors as well as throughout Latin America.

    In 1982, it starts the exports of the line of diaphragm and piston air compressors.

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    In 1991, it began the production of screw compressors, becoming the only factory in Brazil to produce and market these products.

    In 1993, the company began supplying cast and machined components in the Automotive Division.

    On October 20, 1994, it acquired the stock control of Wayne Wetzel Tecnomecanica SA, a compressor manufacturer of Wayne brand.

    In December 1994, seeking to ensure growth, it opened the capital with an increase in its shareholder base, having its shares traded on the Bovespa and with the New Company Name: Schulz S.A.

    The administration began operating at the new plant (Industrial District) disabling the plant on Paraíba street.

    In 1999 it occurred the inauguration of Schulz of America (SOA) in Atlanta, United States, aiming to expand the business of air compressors in this important market.

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    In early 2000, Schulz has acquired a modern eco-friendly paint system for casting and machined components, aiming to offer its customers products with higher added value.


    Compressor Division: a) - ISO 9001:2000;
    b) - ASME for pressure vessels that enabled the export of complete compressors to the United States;
    c) - UL, which enabled the export of compressors to the U.S. and Canada;
    d) - IRAM, that enables exports to Argentina;
    e) - CE that allows the marketing of products to Europe.
    Automotive Division: a) - ISO 9001.2008;
    b) - ISO TS 16949-3 Edition;
    c) - ISO 14.001.2004.

    Main events

    - Implementation of Schulz Production System (SPS), based on Lean Manufacturing philosophy;

    - It is initiated the sale of pneumatic tools, increasing the mix of solutions in compressed air;

    - Launched a full line of screw compressors with variable speed is launched. High technology for energy savings;

    - European branch office in Frankfurt (Germany);

    - Schulz introduced to the line of screw compressors, new air compressor managers, with high technology to rationalize energy consumption in air compressed centrals;

    - Branch in João Pessoa-PB, which aims to become a distribution center for the Northeast of Brazil.

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    Current Decade

    The acquisition of stock control of Somar S.A. allowed for greater synergy with the two product lines, Somar and Schulz, further strengthening the company's growth in a segment which it was not involved.

    The branch in Jundiaí-SP has been opened to become a distribution center for the state of Sao Paulo, allowing better approximation of small and large customers in that state.

    Still present so strong and competitive in the world market, it is able to offer raw, machined, painted automotive parts, and assemblies, and a wide range of air compressors for domestic application, hobby, professional services and industrial products with accessories that complement the solution in compressed air.

    It develops products that meet the Kyoto and Montreal protocols, contributing to the sustainability of the planet, applying all rules of safety and quality standards to ensure conformity of products in all markets it serves.

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