Schulz Code of Ethics
and Conduct

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Conducting business with integrity is the directive that guides Schulz’s stance with its stakeholders. After all, its business will only be sustainable if it maintains ethical, fair and viable principles for all parties.

For this reason, Schulz established a code of ethics and conduct for its employees and partners. These tools help the company to address sensitive issues, emphasizing the desired attitudes and behaviors, permitted or prohibited in the corporate environment.

And to make this relationship even more transparent, the Ethics Channel is made available, a system that makes it possible to send allegations, complaints, suggestions, requests for information and praise.

Every allegation received is treated with confidentiality, preserving the identity of the persons involved, avoiding retaliation against the complainant. The main objective is to receive information to promote a better environment for all. The channel, accessed by internal and external publics, allows for analysis and resolution of ethical issues provided for, or not, in the Schulz Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The claims raised are analyzed by a committee, which seeks solutions with integrity and seriousness for the situations presented. A response is given only and directly to the complainants who have identified themselves.

Issues not related to ethics and conduct in our relations will not be resolved by this channel.