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Actions and Programs

  • Schulz is a company committed to sustainable development, improving quality of life of its employees, of the community in general, with its customers and shareholders.

    It developed several projects related to improving environmental performance, such as advanced management of suppliers, the environmental awareness program for employees and environmental performance index, which includes the overall management of all company environmental indicators associated with the management programs and improvement to reuse and recycling of waste, reducing energy and water consumption.

    The Environmental Management System of {sp} Schulz, certified by NBR ISO 14001 since 2005, represents the company's true commitment to sustainable development, improving the quality of life of its employees and the general community and commitment to its customers and shareholders. See some important actions.

  • Management and effluent treatment

    For the treatment of industrial and sanitary effluents, Schulz has the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), which aims to remove or reduce contaminants through physical, chemical and biological processes. In this way, meets the legal parameters of control of water quality of water bodies.

    The solid wastes generated in wastewater treatment are commonly called of sludge. The decanted sludge of biological and physical-chemical processes passes through the steps of further crowding and pressing for the removal of excess moisture for later disposal.

  • Management of industrial waste

    The generation of waste is an environmental aspect controlled by handling activities including management, from the generation, handling, storage and moving, to the treatment or disposal of the waste.

    The Selective Collection is an environmental program for solid waste management, which aims to facilitate the reduction, recycling or reuse, allowing a specific destination for each type of waste. It is practiced in all areas of the company, through the waste separation by type, according to color.

    Gerenciamento de  Resíduos Industriais
  • Development of supply chain

    With the implementation of the Environmental Management System in 2005, based on the requirements of NBR ISO 14001, Schulz sought to develop a responsible action by inserting into their practices a concept that had little circulation among companies: awareness consumption.

    Given this context, Schulz established the Advanced Management Program for its suppliers, controlling the consciously acquisition of raw materials, inputs and services, because every day more organizations are turning to the sustainability of their business.

    The Advanced Management Program for Suppliers is based on the method of total control of items purchased by Schulz, from the moment of choice of supplier, through its registration, ordering, delivery and regular performance evaluation.

    The result of this work can be understood in the fact that environmental management is extended by the supply chain, spreading awareness and responsible consumption, moving the productive chain and promoting practices that meet the sustainable activities that generate income, new opportunities providers and reducing environmental impacts.

  • Projects of responsible action

    Since 2005, Schulz works together with the Brazilian Foundry Association (Abifa) directed to the development of standards for the Reuse of Spent Foundry Sand (SFS). As a result, we can mention the permanent support to the research and development on the subject, as in the search "Comparison between the Existing Regulations for the Reuse of Spent Foundry" (Smith, 2007).

    Additionally, Schulz keeps graduates in the subject in its staff, specializing in environmental management of the SFSs and leading the participation of southern Brazil in the work developed in conjunction with Abifa, such as group of research, environmental studies, preparation of regional standards and implementation of conferences and meetings.

  • Awareness Program

    The Environmental Education program of Schulz came in early 2006, based on the perception of leaders about the need to change the behavior of its employees.

    The concern and the need to care about the environment were the boost for the creation of Giga - Integrated Environmental Management Group. Giga represents all employees and it is formed by people from production, administrative and support areas of the company. The responsibilities of the Giga are the identification of aspects that cause environmental impacts and to define the operational controls needed to achieve the ecological objectives. In addition to identifying and solving these problems, the program opens up to suggestions for improving the environmental management system.

    The investment in certification and eco-efficient technologies has made it clear that the behavior does not change only with the need and enforcement of the company in respect of compliance of standards, but there is a need to work the behavior of each employee, effectively focusing on changing attitude of each one, both in business and in everyday life.

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